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Originally posted on "William's Window":

"Watched The News Today"

I was watching the news today,

And what do I see?


Politicians blowing sunshine,

And wars overseas;

Blood, and death,

Even killing of our bees;

Robbers and banksters,

On nations they scheme;

Corporations playing god,

Even tampering with our seeds.


Skies are turning silver,

From things we can’t see;

The poisoning of our crops,

On which the people feed;

More government than people,

And they say that we’re free;

The only ones living,

Are the wealthy and elite.


Cost of living getting higher,

And insurance we can’t eat;

Wages that stagnate,

Unable to afford needs;

More homeless than ever,

Numbers growing like weeds;

Our lives losing value,

Nowhere left to flee.


Yes,.. .

I watched the news today,

but not on t.v.,

I opened my eyes,

And this I could see.


William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


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Originally posted on arwenaragornstar:


There is so much light
we fail to see
blinded by inconsequential
until we stumble upon
actual darkness
and bitterly realise
the true meaning of despair

Image Credit: Painting by August Friedrich Schenck – Anguish

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Originally posted on It Is What It Is:


~~August 23, 2015~~ 


Who are you to judge me,
Based on the way I look,
Do you always judge a story,
By the cover of the book?

Who are you to judge me,
By the way I dress and what I wear?
Who are you to judge me,
By the way I wear my hair?

Who are you to judge me,
By the things you imagine I do?
When you don’t bother to figure out for sure,
What exactly is or isn’t true …

That’s my point,
You’re no one at all,
You judge me for one reason,
So you can feel tall …

You judge me because you want to,
And because it makes you feel better inside,
Because my imperfections aren’t yours,
But your flaws won’t always hide …

I’m my own judge,
And you’re your own too,
So judge yourself,

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Grace Durbin
“Uncommon Graces”

“Bad to the Bone”

“Birth, School, Work, Death”



Originally posted on THE PEN AND THE PAGE:

TOM HIGGINS wrote this incredible poem and, although quite long, it is definitely worth reading.

It is one of the best ‘war’ poems I have read to date.




AUTHORS NOTE: “This is a bit longer than most of my other stuff, but I have written about the wars on Earth only since my birth sixty one years ago and I found it impossible to mention them all in a short poem. I apologise if I have omitted any of them, but I am very glad to have missed them.”

Since I was born

there’s never been a single year,

that there has not been a war

on our little blue sphere.

In Kenya they fought the British

and twenty thousand died,

the Algerians fought the French,

both with god on side.

In China, Mao leapt forward

and thirty eight million did not,

they died…

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